House as House is ment to be Discography - DJ & Producer Bas Loubert - UNREGISTERED VERSION

Discography - DJ & Producer Bas Loubert - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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In 1979, at the age of 14, Bas was one of the guys, who set up a youth
society in a small village in the province of Zeeland, The Netherlands.
It was more a start of a kind of disco for youth from the neighbourhood
and beyond. Bas played there for the first time as a DJ. Later he moved
to the city of Vlissingen, and there he started to play in various Clubs.
In 1982 he was asked to become resident of a Belgium radiostation,
called Radio Saturnus in the city of Maldegem. This was a nightprogram,
which attracted a lot of listeners from Belgium and the southwest part of
The Netherlands. Radio Saturnus owned at that time an old cinema,
which was converted and decorated into a Club. Bas played there as
resident at sunday afternoons with great success.

In 1983 to 1985, he became resident DJ in a Club called "De Hooizolder",
near the village of Westkapelle in the province of Zeeland. The Club could
offer space for about 1200 people and was very popular in summertime
among young tourists, which spent their holidays in the vicinity. Offcourse
local people visited the Club as well. In that period, the owners sponsored
a new setup Radio Station called Radio Popular in Belgium. On saturday
evenings from 20.00 untill 22.00, Bas was presenting a radioshow called
Discotime, and played the latest dancehits.

In December 1985, Bas had to quit as a DJ, because he got a fulltime job
in a complete different business, and DJ'ing could not be combined with
this new challenge. But the interest for music remained to be alive.

In 2002, Bas started to visit well known Clubs of the Netherlands in the
cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, being one of
the crowd. In Rotterdam, one Club in particular was his favorite, called
Club Revolution, which was owned by Peter Gelderblom and his wife.
The music was really awesome. In that period he decided to come
back in DJ business as a hobby. Bas occasionally played in Revolution,
and the passion for DJing became an important part of his life again.
He played together with well known DJ as owner of Club Revolution
Peter Gelderblom, and DJ´s Rene Amesz, DJ Jose, Louis Fortes, to
name a few. In this period, Bas developed a wide spectrum of music
styles, which he plays in his DJ sets. It varies from Clubhouse, to Tribal,
to Iberican house, Latin house, and Techhouse. He can combine these
styles perfectly in one DJ set, because he uses the nearest neighbour
soundtracks to achieve that.

In the mean time, Bas changed also in that period to another employer
in his primairy job, which gave him more availability to perform as a DJ.
Now these days, he also plays abroad sometimes in cities as Shanghai &
Yichang in China, and Galati in Romania. And there are more countries
ahead to come.

In 2005, Bas also started to produce tracks. Let the music play 2008,
has been officially released for unfortunally just a short time. In
December 2008, his remix of Jon Georgsson featuring Lady Cherry -
All the way, was released on Fusion Recordings at Beatport.
At this very moment, Bas performs every 2 weeks in the Dance Mania
radioshow, which will be broadcasted on the internet webradio station , which is a radiostation broadcasting on the world wide web,
local cable and air. Since May 2016, another internet radiostation is broadcasting his show every two weeks.

From the summer of 2018, Bas  started to produce again with FL Studio.
His kick off was a bootleg of Whitney Houston - I'm every woman.
This was from origin a track of Rufus and Chaka Kahn (an all time classic).
In October, a remix contest was organized on a Facebook page,
which was WON!! From there on, offers to remix tracks came in quickly.
The first one was a track of Sjef van Leeuwen, and is released on the portals:
Beatport and JunoDownload. The second remix track was done for:
Jorge Araujo feat. Rebecca Burgin & Susanne Alt , which will be released in
August 2019 on Certified Organik.
And more remixed tunes will come up!!!

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